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Aanandi Girls Pg Pune

Aanandi Girls PG distinctly plan for girls in security and facility aspect.The PG is in close vicinity of Educational and Training Institute along with market place.Our main objective is to provide safe and comfortable accommodation in affordable rates.


Aanandi Hospitality

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Arthaanandi Foundation

Every once in a while, an idea. A motivation. A support from someone changes a life of an individual. This is an idea behind formation of Arthaanandi Foundation.


Origin Story

“The one who struggle at Every stage of life can only create happiness for others, because no one can understand the value of happiness more than him “
The founder of Aanandi Group has experienced poverty, loss of father in childhood, many hardships and has seen lot in life. He somehow struggle in his life with desire of better future. He manages finance for his study by part time job and also works hard to earn his bread and butter in every adverse situation.
In journey of his struggle he met some genuine people who help him out to settle financially and also support him as family member. All this hardship and encounter with good people in same society made him aware of issue that we as a people face every day. It awakens the knowledge and understanding about importance of empathy and communication in him. It gives him purpose in life to help empower others, to have positive impact on others and to make difference to individual lives.
Aanandi Group is just small initiative by him towards making of better society for every individual by “supporting those who need support”.

Our Purpose :
At Aanandi Group we are dedicate to improving the quality of life of people we serve. We do this by striving for excellence in sector we serve.
Aanandi Group operates on practice of returning to society what we earn, this also kindle trust among consumers, employees, supporters and communities.
We are dedicatedly working on preserving this heritage with trust through the manner we serve society.

Our Values :
Aanandi Group is always value driven and also looking for people who has same values to work with. The five values portray the way we serve society:
1) Dedication: - we will be committed to our work and will work with all enthusiasm.
2) Perfection: - we will be passionate about doing faultless work.
3) Ethics: - we will only consider people and work which have good morals in it.
4) Empathy :- we will always understand background of every situation without being judgmental about it.
5) Responsibility: - we will integrate social and environmental obligation in our service, ensuring the practice of gratitude towards society.

Mission :
To improve the quality of life of people we serve through various help we are able to provide with trust and dedication.

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1981,Madiwale Colony
Near Girija Hotel Square.
Behind Kotak Mahindra Bank
Sadashiv Peth Pune-30




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