about us

About us

         Aanandi Girls PG is service initiated by Aanandi Group. When we look at girls who are really struggling hard for a better future by leaving away from home either for studies or for some courses. We consider it us social obligation to guide and protect such struggling girls; As Aanandi Group is working towards a purpose of improving the quality of life of people we serve, When one girl is leaving home for a new start with new perspective in mind, she is not fully aware of consequences of leaving away from home.

"We tried to figure out some as below
Expenses increases as one have to pay for accommodation, Travelling and food
Cultural Differences:
It’s difficult experience to be exposed to a lifestyle that is entirely different from what you are used to though a new perspective can be educationally beneficial.
Long Distance Support system:
When one start living away from home , one don’t have support system which they accustomed to back home as family and old friends are living far away.
It may be financial emergency or health related issue.
And at that young age something may feel appealing but is actually not.
And here our role comes in action, we want to provide home like accommodation with affordable price, and also we will play role of guardian for residents. We will guide them whenever they reach us for some guidance. We will supervise and protect them from evil in society as we are very strict regarding behavior and conduct of residents.
We want to spread good morals in resident so that in any stage of their life they will remember us in good manner.