Rules & Regulation

Rules & Regulation

The owners are authorized to evict any resident guest from any room, if in their opinion; such resident paying guest/person violates the rules, discipline or disturbs the peace. The decision of the owner shall be final in such cases.

The paying guest have to submit their photo identity proof along with two passport size photographs to the owner. The identity proof would include a Smart card, the voter identity card, employment card, passport, adhar card or any other photo identity issued by a recognized authority.

The owners are authorized to evict any resident guest from any room, if a resident fails in complying with any one of the following:

  Non - payment of dues within the due dates.
  Bringing guests without permission (illegal)
  Indulging in Anti - Social activities in the PG accommodation.
  Mischief causing damage to the PG accommodation property.
  If PG resident is continuously absent for 7 days without prior permission.
  Any misconduct or misbehavior with fellow PG resident/Owner.
  Any other complaint objectionable.


  If they found indulged in these activities they will be expelled without serving any notice in this regard and pending disciplinary action.
  Use of narcotics, consumption of alcoholic beverages, Smoking and gambling are strictly prohibited.
  Misbehavior or Indulging in a row with owners / security staff will be treated as an offence and will be liable for expulsion.
  Resident guests shall be required to seek permission from the owners before leaving for a leave.
  All resident guests must be back in the premises by 10 p.m.; necessary disciplinary action will be taken against the defaulters.
  No family members or friends of paying guests are permitted to visit the room.
  The PG inmates should take care for the safety of their belongings inside the room. The owner shall not be responsible for any such losses. Items like jewelry, costly watches and mobile phones, laptops must not to be kept open inside the room.
  Use of room heaters, electric irons and any other electrical appliances other than cell phone charger, laptop charger are not permitted.
  Display of any type of posters, calendars, and other material on the wall inside the allotted rooms is strictly prohibited. Anyone found doing so shall be fined Rs. 3000/- for subsequent offences and at last expulsion.
  Cooking of food of any sort inside the PG accommodation is strictly prohibited.
  One month prior written notice must be given by resident guests to the owners when vacating the premises, without any default.
  PG residents should take away all their belongings from the premises, before leaving the PG accommodation and must give clean and vacant possession.
  Deposit amount will not be adjusted as accommodation charges. Security deposit will be refunded at the time of vacating the room.
  In case a resident guest vacates her room before completion of the month, she will be bound to pay the accommodation charges for the whole month. The accommodation charges are charged from first day of the month to last day of the month.